love & language

make life rich


love & language

make life rich

love & language

make life rich

What we do:


Chatter Matters changes lives by building communication skills in those who need it most.

We help the homeless get back on their feet.

We teach listening and reading skills to men and women in prison.

We assist with the important bonding of incarcerated parents with their children.

And we show it’s never too early or late for people to discover the joy of reading and writing.

Why we do it:

Communication is the key to healthy and successful lives.

It is the ability to share one’s mind.

The way to join in.

The voice in ‘having a voice’.

The freedom in ‘freedom of speech’.

And most importantly, communication is the doorway

to education, employment and positive relationships.

“Many members of our community cannot read and write well enough to navigate the activities of daily life.  They cannot read the street signs or fill in forms at the doctor’s surgery. They don’t understand the information on the electoral enrolment form, and are unable to complete the census. They don’t know which bottle is shampoo and which is conditioner; cannot read the menu in a café or the labels on pill bottles; don’t understand the bus timetable; and ignore important letters.

Too often they feel “stupid”; self-esteem around their ankles. Their vocabularies are weak and they can’t express themselves. They often get frustrated and end up taking an oppositional stance toward authority. Or they passively withdraw and make themselves small. They might wear themselves out in hard-labour jobs, which are the only jobs they can get. If they get a job at all. Or they drift into a life of crime.

The consequences of poor communication skills are grave for them. And for society.”

Rosalie Martin, Speech Pathologist, Criminologist and Tasmanian Australian of the Year 2017.

Together we can make a significant difference through literacy

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