We are a young, charitable organisation with focus upon building awareness and skill in human communication. This means language, literacy and positive relatedness: foundations of progress and human wholeness; pillars of transformation.

Our goals in raising awareness are to help competent communicators understand where their language, literacy and social competence came from; to understand that these skills were built into them through the many thousands of interactions over the years of their lives; and to see that those skills were grown through relationship with others. We also want to help competent communicators to turn this understanding around in their minds in order to also see that if others have not had opportunity for such agency-giving relationships in their lives, that subsequent lower levels of communication skill are not really that person’s fault. Rather, the weaker skills reflect the challenges of unequal social structure. And of family violence. And many other factors of disadvantage.

Our goals in bringing skill are to kindly provide evidence-based, practical programs to population groups and individuals who have been disadvantaged in developing communication skills, for whatever reason.