Tassie’s fabulous 936 ABC Hobart and its vivacious Helen Shield have been generous in having Rosie come on in Helen’s show, Your Afternoon, each fortnight. They chat about communication and love and criminology and interesting snippets of things related to speech pathology, wellbeing, learning and social justice. Helen rocks: fabulous, fun, aware, abundant.

Here are some summaries of this talk time:

Reading to Children

Helen and I talked about reading to children on 29th August. Honestly, there is hardly a better way to build everything that is worth living for! When we read and share story we are bringing language, connected relationship, practice of emotional regulation, the...

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The biggest problem with listening in communication is that we think we are doing it. But often we are not. Well… not really.

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Neuroplasticity sounds fabulously scientific, but it is really just a word which describes the biological basis of the old wisdom ‘practice makes perfect’.

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