On 3rd July 2018 the eloquent, elegant Governor of Tasmania, Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner AC, our patron, launched a wonderful collection of writings for us. The Communicating: The Heart of Literacy collection is available to download for free. Share it around! It’s full of treasure. And if you would like to purchase a print copy, just reach out here.

This collection was brought into the world to help us understand the diversity of views, hopes, insights and opinions the community holds about the complicated problems of communication and literacy challenges. The writings are warm, frank, inspiring and varied. They are filled with yearning and hope. You might not completely agree with them but that is the very point. You might learn something about your unconscious biases. We did. The writings will help you see the size of the cloth we must hold and stitch and embroider, to feel the tension we must bear, if we are to collectively make a difference to Tasmania’s and Australia’s literacy woes.

The point of it all is to share meaning with respect and non-judgment. To listen.

We value listening. Listening heals.

The Collection helps us listen to the voices of others. So it helps us understand. And if we are to simultaneously resolve wicked problems and be respectful, we need to calmly understand much more than we do.

We’ve been astounded at the diverse beauty, wisdom, insight and passions expressed by those who have written for this initiative. We are sure you will learn something new through them too.

At the launch, our founder, Rosie, shared an extraordinary poem about listening: Finding What You Didn’t Lose by John Fox. Read it. Your creativity will begin to glow in your mind’s eye!

Also at the launch, the audience shared some of their reflections after Her Excellency and others spoke. We will soon publish these insightful writings on our blog – keeping the dialogue going!

Communicating: The Heart of Literacy is a public dialogue about communication, literacy, enablement, collaboration, and relational trust.

In the joyful fuss of the launch of a project, however, we do not wish to stray from our core messages – that positive communication is the key to healthy and successful lives; it is the doorway to positive relationships, education, and employment. Chatter Matters Tasmania transforms lives through positive communication skills. It transforms learning to read, for those who have struggled with the process, into an experience which is honouring, joyful, hope-filled and successful. That people may then read to learn, according to their choice. The skills of communication are the foundations of literacy.

Our enormous thanks to our fine supporters:

The Collection

Opinions by Tasmanians

One-Minded Vision

I was born in one of Central Africa’s beautiful countries – the Democratic Republic of Congo. I am not only a Congolese-Australian but also a citizen of the world. Because of the many challenges that my fellow Congolese and I were and are still facing, in 2002 I...