Project: Ground Level Literacy

Ground Level Literacy is a pilot project which brought literacy teaching to two formerly homeless men. The men became tenants of Common Ground Tasmania, a dignified apartment facility to accommodate people who have been sleeping rough.

Both men entered the program with skills low on the literacy continuum. They made the kind of fabulous gains we now expect when skilled, direct instruction, with warmth, kindness and no judgment are packaged up together with enjoyable, regular practice.

The purposes of this project were to build the participants’ access to skills and information, personal growth, aspiration, independence and dignity. And secondly, we wanted to gather information about what works, and what obstacles exist, when providing such intervention in a residential setting for the formerly chronically homeless. Read the report here.

The guys learned much, and so did we. Common Ground Tasmania has been a fabulous partner to work with – professional, generous, eager to learn with us, share with us, and develop together. Much gratitude to Common Ground Tasmania, and… of course… to the guys.