Project: Just Time

The Just Time project is unabashedly about love: fortifying, undergirding, strengthening-of-all-things love. And specifically, how the bonds of love and positive emotion, which form the basis of secure attachment between parent and child, gift that child’s life with mental wellbeing, relationship which grows language and social communication, and from there, on into literacy – and beyond into education, employment, pro-social enjoyment of life, and further yet, into wisdom.

The Just Time project brings the well-respected and well-researched Circle of Security Parent DVD Program® to the mums of the Mary Hutchinson Women’s Prison. The Circle of Security teaches the processes of parent-child attachment using a simple graphic, powerful metaphors and reflective dialogue within a small group. You can read the full report right here. It contains many verbatim quotes from the participating mums. It is stuff of authenticity and vulnerability. The mums are all to be honoured and greatly commended.

One of our facilitators, speech pathologist Sarah Kay, said this about the program:

“Circle of Security works. It’s a simple and effective program with benefits for all families within our society. Unequivocally and unquestionably do not withhold this from at-risk parents.”

She’s right.

Simple. Effective. Works.

With benefits for all families. Yours and mine included.

We are also delighted to share that we have received funding and approvals to continue Just Time in 2017/18. The 7th cycle of Just Time began in early May; and we expect to continue to run back-to-back cycles of the eight week program – including now, with dads.

Generous funding was extended this year to also include a new pilot project – Mini Just Moving On. Mini-JMO will give ongoing connection and support – ‘throughcare’ – to the participating women when they are released from prison and are back in community. This throughcare will focus on the skills of attachment, language, literacy and play – for the mums… and for their children.

The beautiful profession of speech pathology brings so much to this work. Speech pathologists are trained and equipped with scientific tools to support all communication impairments and weaknesses – spoken, written, and social – in all ages, and from all levels of ability.

We are so very grateful to our benefactors: The Dickinson Foundation, The Jetty Foundation, The Myer Foundation and the growing number of private donors. Thank you for enabling this important work of social equity, humanity and empowering connection.