Andy van Emmerik

Steady, just, wisely-circumspect and fun-loving engineer and entrepreneur with an eye for fine things, and with interests and talents as wide as the sky. Andy’s passion for social innovation brought him onto the Chatter Matters board – in particular his interest in our work toward systemic solutions to repeated incarceration through the development of better communication skills. He simultaneously has an eye for detail and strategic thinking, as well as governance excellence. Chatter Matters was the beneficiary of Andy’s skills and passion for service from August 2016 through August 2018. He remains a close friend and champion of the organisation. He steps into his next projects trailing our gratitude and good wishes. Warmth and good speed, Andy!

Becky Shrimpton

Fabulous, effervescent, clear-seeing communications and marketing specialist filled with desire to share, give back, support, and enjoy the beauty of a full life along the way. Becky brought all of this to a short and valued term on the Chatter Matters board from July 2017 to May 2018. Appealing, kind and clear in thoughts and words, Becky contributed leadership and strategic direction at a significant expansive phase in Chatter Matters’ development. Whilst she retires from within our midst, she remains ‘on hand’ as a friend to the organisation and its teams. We are full of gratitude for Becky and for all the vibrancy and good that she brought to us and brings to the world. We wish her the richest of everything.

Michael Salewicz

Calm, kind and steady-thinking accountant with experience at his back and his face always toward freedom. Mike tried to retire many times, but kept finding interesting things to do – of which supporting the Chatter Matters board was just one. We are deeply grateful to Mike who generously served with Chatter Matters from its earliest inception until September 2017. He kept up the person power through the dormant phase and guided the start of the organisation’s busy phase. And now, he is retiring with our blessing and our many, many thanks. Go well, Mike. Go with abundance. We wish it, and you deserve it.

Greg Barns

Barrister and writer Greg Barns was a member of the Chatter Matters board from January 2015 to July 2017. A big-hearted, compassionate, integrative-thinker, with a strong and consistent voice for human-rights, we are thankful for his valuable contributions across this time. Greg supported the entreé of Rosie’s work with maximum security prisoners disengaged from education opportunities. His generosity in sharing his extensive networks became the ground from which Chatter Matters, in its earliest start-up phase, was able to establish itself and begin its work. Greg will maintain his role as a supporter of the board and CMT projects. With many thanks and good wishes to Greg for all else he turns his hand to as he places his focus on other important areas needing positive social change.

Kristy de Salas

IT lecturer and innovator Kristy de Salas was a member of the Chatter Matters board from January 2015 to June 2017. Kristy is a dynamic, fun, compassionate IT-whizz with a sensitive social conscience and desire to contribute to the wellbeing of others. She brought willingness, passion and a vibrant, steady groundedness to the board in its start-up phase, consistently keeping up a calm energy of circumspect and innovation. Stating that she will always be a huge advocate and champion of Chatter Matters, it is with much thankfulness that we wish Kristy abundance in her life and work, and all of the goals which lie ahead of her.

Michael Hill

Retired Chief Magistrate Michael Hill was Chair of the Chatter Matters board from November 2015 to April 2016. A warm, compassionate and generous team player, Michael consistently showed that these qualities are they which are truly worthwhile in life. He brought stability and stature to the board in its early start-up phase, along with unerring enthusiasm, kindness, colleagueship, position of circumspect, open humility, and of course the clarity provided by a flow of cricket analogies. We are much indebted to Michael. The board wishes him the highest good in all things.