Our Projects

We want to tell you about the projects of Chatter Matters. Projects which have delighted us and given us opportunity to learn and be all the more connected with our communities. All of the projects have two themes: to raise awareness about non-judgment, appreciation of ‘other’, language and literacy; and to roll-up the sleeves and get stuck into the work of delivering excellent, professional service to our learners and our other partners.

Project: Just Time

The Just Time project is unabashedly about love: fortifying, undergirding, strengthening-of-all-things love. And specifically, how the bonds of love and positive emotion, which form the basis of secure attachment between parent and child, gift that child’s life with...

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No Bars on Books

Delivered each Friday, box by box, to Risdon prison for give away to the children of prisoners…

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Project: Ground Level Literacy

Ground Level Literacy is a pilot project which brought literacy teaching to two formerly homeless men. The men became tenants of Common Ground Tasmania, a dignified apartment facility to accommodate people who have been sleeping rough. Both men entered the program...

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Project: Sound Systems

What we saw when we used the speech sounds as the starting point to learn the written code, is that adult learners with low literacy skills turned their skills around in just four months. A fantastic result, a fantastic project, and a fabulously necessary foundation...

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Project: Just Sentences

The Just Sentences pilot project is bringing speech pathology support to the literacy programs of a small number of inmates within the Tasmania Prison Service. These are men whose literacy skills have not yet moved very far along the literacy continuum. But they can!...

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Project: Island Magazine

Perrin: Author of one of the articles written for Island magazine as part of Chatter Matters literacy project Island magazine and Chatter Matters partnered in early 2015 to raise awareness of the lived-experiences of those who have not been able to learn to read...

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