Project: Sound Systems

What we saw when we used the speech sounds as the starting point to learn the written code, is that adult learners with low literacy skills turned their skills around in just four months. A fantastic result, a fantastic project, and a fabulously necessary foundation from which to benefit more people whose lives have been disadvantaged by illiteracy. Read the report here.

Our partner, Speech Pathology Tasmania, conducted the work of this project, in collaboration with and funded by, LINC Tasmania. We are grateful to both of these organisations for their willingness to share the Sound Systems report with us. It shows the efficacy of commencing literacy intervention with incisive assessment; and following it with activities which address the learners’ individual processing profiles. If this is done with engaging, honouring relationship, great dignity and confidence is brought to adult learners of literacy skills.

The important message of hope is that it is never too late. Past reading struggles, and even failures, can be turned around. And often very quickly.