On the 8th March – International Women’s Day – we talked about the Three Steps to Kind Communication.

There is a lovely quote in the book On Kindness by Adam Philips & Barbara Taylor which is this:

“We are never as kind as we want to be, but nothing outrages us more than people being unkind to us.”

Philips & Taylor identify a problem. The sides of the equation are not balanced. There is clearly a kindness debt.

Kindness has been diminished in western culture. It has come to be looked upon as nice… but… well… weak.

But kindness is not weak. It can take enormous courage. Especially to dispense it beyond one’s inner circle.

Oscar de la Renta is reported to have said:

‘The qualities I most admire in a woman are confidence and kindness’. These are the qualities I most admire in human beings – not just women.

Confidence – authentic, balanced benevolence toward self

Kindness – authentic, balanced benevolence toward other.

There are three steps to kind communication:

  1. Be kind in your next interaction
  2. Reflect on this. What did you notice in yourself? What did you notice in the other?
  3. Return to step 1. and repeat

There’s more to find on the topic right here.

Rosie 🙂